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Terms of Use & Photo Rights

Permission to reprint articles

Reblogging is acceptable for personal use. Please incorporate links back. Please contact the Editor, Ashley@Temeculagrapevine.com directly.

Permission must be granted prior to a full-reprint in any form (electronic, print, mixed media).

Have you seen a photo on Temecula Grapevine that you would like for personal use?

Online photos may be used for personal use only, at will, as long as a full photo credit accompanies the photo if displayed online.

Fair Use

Temecula Grapevine encourages our readers to repost our articles on social media websites such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and through article links on your personal blogs or web sites.

Temecula Grapevine articles and stories are written in AP style, with accompanying photographs and videos.

There is a common misconception that since photographs and videos are on the internet, they are fair use for commercial purposes.  In a traditional news organization, the corporation itself owns copyright to the media created.

In the case of Temecula Grapevine, each individual contributor holds copyright and have issued a rights license to Temecula Grapevine for unlimited editorial use. In either case, Temecula Grapevine and/or the original photographer retain all copyrights to the images and stories that they produce.

Rights and Restrictions on the use of photos

Photos are for may not in any way be used for promotional or commercial purposes without permission of copyright holder. If you are uncertain as of use, please ask at info@TemeculaGrapevine.com.

Temecula Grapevine and/or the original photographer retain all copyrights to the images. The sale (if applicable) of the image does not transfer any of our rights of the image.

We are unable to sell, any images that infringe on the rights of others. This includes anyone who makes a living with their image including but not limited to: celebrities, professional athletes, and professional musicians. This also includes photographs taken on private property, and sometimes branded property.

We actively protect our copyrights, any use outside of the terms listed here is not allowed. We do not tolerate any type of copyright infringement, and actively pursue the rights of Temecula Grapevine, and our individual contributors.

So what is allowed?

Linking the article, photograph or video on your website is allowed, providing that there is full credit given and there is a linkback to the original article.

Use of a photo of you or your friends and colleagues that appeared in Temecula Grapevine is allowed, providing it is for personal use, promotional, commercial use prohibited.  High-resolution files and a print release are typically available for most photographs at a modest rate of $15 per photo. If you are interested in purchasing a photo from our photo gallery please provide link of photo, and your contact e-mail: info@TemeculaGrapevine.com.

Can I use a photograph taken by Temecula Grapevine or its photographers for commercial or promotional use?

If the following conditions apply, then generally yes.

1)      All photographs must have a property release from the property owner or bon de fide manager.

2)      All people, with distinguishable features that appear in the photograph, must have a signed photo release.

Due to the legwork involved in tracking down and requesting photo releases there is a charge of $20.00 per release required. This fee can add up quickly for any type of group shot.

What if someone says refuses to sign a release or demands compensation?

If a person or entity refuses to sign a release, then we are unable to sell you rights to use that photograph. A reprint of the full article in PDF is available. If this is your wish, then contact: info@TemeculaGrapevine.com with the links and your e-mail address.

If a person or entity demands compensation, then we will send you a copy of the photo release, and you are free to negotiate on your own. Once the release is paid for and signed, we will then be able to issue a photo license to you.

Taking what was an editorial photograph and applying it for commercial use can be a tricky process, and many times not feasible. Often you would be better served to contact the original photographer directly and arrange a corporate photo shoot. Your results will frequently be superior to an editorial-style photograph, as the photographer is free to direct the talent, add lighting and generally control the entire environment. In editorial shooting, the photographs are almost always candid in style, with on-camera lighting and limited corrections (correcting colors and dust spots). This is in keeping with journalistic integrity of the photos, where the photographer is not manipulating the news, simply reporting it.

Arrange a Temecula Grapevine Commercial Photo Shoot:

To arrange your own photo shoot with the preferred photographers of Temecula Grapevine, contact: info@TemeculaGrapevine.com

Commercial Pricing

Photographs are licensed at a rate of $75 per photo with a one year license, $100 for three years.

Other prints are typically available for most articles, please inquire at info@Temeculagrapevine.com.

 Other terms to be aware of

If we can wrangle all the cats, the license terms are: unlimited use California, unlimited use Internet, for a duration of one year. No derivative works or third-party licensing allowed. This is a rights-restricted license and covers the purchasers’ company and ad or design agency. One license is required for each organization or company wishing to make use of the photograph.

One comment on “Terms of Use & Photo Rights

  1. Photographer Sharyn Harbison
    October 28, 2015

    Im looking for a lush green area to take senior portraits.
    Im looking for a 1-1/2 hour shoot possibly on your grounds?
    What would you recommend? And what do you charge?


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