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A is for Aly Castillo @ Above and Beyond Beauty Salon in Old Town Temecula

Aly Castillo, Stylist

Aly Castillo, Stylist

Aly Castillo is a favorite hair stylist and friend of the Temecula Grapevine.

Aly knows how to create dramatic looks, to listen to clients, and help them make the best decisions that compliment their personal sense of style. She is a master of setting clients at ease, and helping them focus not just on the look they want, but the way they want to feel when leaving her chair.

Having been in and around Temecula for years, she is a full service stylist. A master starting with Wedding Up-Do’s, Aly will be on hand to help with all that follows, from baby’s first hair cut, to helping little ones find their signature look.

Currently an independent stylist at a salon in Old Town Temecula, Aly has seen her business blossom from “word of mouth” advertising that the Temecula Grapevine is famous for.

To book an appointment with Aly, call:


CLICK HERE for your discount, and And don’t forget to tell her you “Heard it through the Temecula Grapevine” for $20 off your first visit.

See Aly on Temecula Qponer HERE:

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