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RISING STAR: Sabrina Huang Dances Her Way to the Top in Temecula

Name: Sabrina Huang

Age: 10

School: Tuscany Hills Elementary School

Specialty: Ballet, Hip hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Tap

How many years have you been dancing?: 4 years — Gravity X, Lake Elsinore with instructors: Joan Gair and Kelli Collins 

What is your favorite part of performing?  My favorite part about performing has to be the feeling I get from being on stage.

Performing in front of your family is one thing, but being able to perform in front of a crowd where you don’t know majority of the people is really exciting. I am able to show people what I love to do and hopefully be able to inspire others to pursue their dreams.

What do you feel makes you unique, as a performer? 
I’ve been performing my whole life. It isn’t something I do as a hobby anymore. It has become my life and I enjoy every second of it.

I feel like because I’m well rounded in all different styles of dance, I am able to use techniques for one genre and incorporate it into another, which creates a cool performance for people to watch.

Sabrina Huang (c) Shawna Sarnowski Photography

Sabrina Huang (c) Shawna Sarnowski Photography

What do you do to relax,  after a performance?  
Eat! Even though I’ve been performing for five years, I still get nerves when I get on stage. So when I’m done with performing, I always have a big meal after to kick back and relax.

How to you psyche yourself up before performing?
I usually find a little corner by myself from other people to collect my thoughts.

Before every performance, there’s always a million things running through my mind so I just need to a few minutes to collect my thoughts and I’m good.

Do you have any rituals (things you do — like a lucky charm, a special routine) prior to your performances? 
I don’t know if it’s considered a ritual but I always bring my teddy, Taylor, to every one of my performances. My ballet teacher, Ms. Joan gave it to me as a gift after one of my dance competitions and I’ve been bringing it to every competition ever since.

What is your favorite part about what you do?
I love everything about dancing and singing. There’s not really anything I can pinpoint as my favorite. I feel like when you’re passionate about something, every part of it becomes your favorite. I mean, of course, sometimes it can be pretty tiring with practice and long car rides to performances, but I really enjoy these moments because I get to spend time with my friends and family.

List your top 3 achievements so far:

  1. Miss Preteen Taiwan World Queen 2012
  2. “Let’s Dancing” National high point  1st place overall for the 2014 competition year and 2013 competition year.
  3. 2013 Showstopper, Final,  3rd place over all

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Hopefully, turn what I’m doing right now into my career when I’m older. I want to stay in the entertainment business because it’s what I’m most passionate about.

Have you received any press you would like to mention?

Star bound Magazine ,and ICN TV (Chinese Tv network)
Find Sabrina on Social Media:

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