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RISING STAR: Ava Sarnowski Shines as Dancer, Actor, Singer, Model

Ava_Sarnowski_Star1-300x188Name: AVA SARNOWSKI

Age: 13

Education: Sky Mountain Charter School/ And All That Jazz/ The Ballet Studio/ Kate Rubke Foxworth Music Studio


Q: How many years have you studied dance, Ava?:

A: I’ve been dancing, acting, singing, and modeling for eight years.

Ava Sarnowski (c) Shawna Sarnowski Photography

Ava Sarnowski (c) Shawna Sarnowski Photography

Q: What is your favorite part of performing?

A: My Favorite part of performing is the Freedom I feel on Stage or behind the camera.

Q: What do you feel makes you unique, as a performer?

A: I feel I am unique as a performer because I enjoy taking something classical and bringing my own twist to a dance or song.

Q: What do you do to relax, after a performance?

A: Usually after a performance I enjoy taking time to draw, or just listening to my favorite music.

Q: How do you psyche yourself up before performing?

A: I always surround myself by my teachers and family and take a couple minutes of quiet time to replay my performance in my mind.

Ava Sarnowski (c) Shawna Sarnowski Photography

Ava Sarnowski (c) Shawna Sarnowski Photography

Q: Do you have any rituals (things you do — like a lucky charm, a special routine) prior to your performances?

A: Yes my Wolf Hat! I wear it everywhere (laughs)

Q: What is your favorite part about what you do?

A: My favorite part of performing is constantly challenging myself to be better and stronger every time, no matter if I win or not.

Q: What are your top achievements so far?:

A: I have achieved many awards and Certificates, including:
Certificate of Merit – Dancer of the Year at my dance studio, And All That Jazz.
Is there anyone you would like to attribute, toward your success? I would Like to Thank My Teachers, including Amber Welte and Julie Geary (And All That Jazz), Kate Rubke-Foxworth (vocal Instructor), and Stacea Nelson, Tiffany Koepke, and Mark Erickson (The Ballet Studio)

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?

A: An artist

Ava Sarnowski studies with:
Kate Rubke-Foxworth
Find out more about Ava Sarnowski at: http://www.IMDB.com/

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