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Sean Lafferty – Candidate for Riverside County Judge

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Who is Sean Lafferty?

Sean Lafferty has served the community for 17 years, in his own words, “fighting for justice for those who’ve been harmed. I’ve convicted murderers, rapists, child molesters, and gang members, and these efforts have earned the respect of my colleagues in that I was twice named “Felony Prosecutor of the Year.” I rose to the top of the District Attorney’s office, becoming a senior manager in Riverside, Indio, and Temecula, and currently oversee 250 employees, including 90 prosecutors.” Said Lafferty, on his campaign web site.

A husband, father, and longtime resident of Riverside County, Lafferty cares about protecting the community. “This is where we raise our families.  More than any award, I am proud that my work has made a difference in the lives of real people.” Lafferty stated. “As judge, I will ensure justice prevails: in my courtroom people will be treated with dignity and respect. Voters can trust that I will follow the Constitution and the rule of law with integrity and impartiality.”

Lafferty has gained the support of Law Enforcement, retired DA Grover Trask, retiring Judge Albert Wojcik (endorsing me to succeed him), as well as numerous judges, prosecutors, attorneys, and community leaders throughout Riverside County. For a full list of endorsements, visit Sean Lafferty’s campaign web site.

Research your candidates.


Get out and vote on June 3, 2014.


As judge, I will ensure justice prevails: in my courtroom people will be treated with dignity and respect. Voters can trust that I will follow the law.
www.Lafferty4Judge2014.comI have been employed as a prosecutor for 17 years, starting my career in Contra Costa County before moving on home to Riverside County. In Riverside I rose from rank of deputy district attorney to Supervising DDA, Chief DDA, and I am currently the Assistant District Attorney managing both the Indio and Southwest divisions. I oversee the staff operations of over 250 county employees, including 90 attorneys, investigators, victim advocates, and clerical. I have been a successful prosecutor and was named “Felony Prosecutor of the Year” twice. My trials involved capital murder, sexual assault and child abuse, domestic violence, felony assaults, robberies and gang offenses.


People v. Brooke Rottiers, Omar Hutchinson, & Franchunne Epps [RIF132260] Capital murder case in which defendants lured two men to Corona motel under the guise of prostitution and then murdered them. Defendant Rottiers received the death penalty.People v. Charles Leonard Hale [RIF109597] Rape occurring while school in session at Riverside Community College in which Hale was a participant.

People v. Armando Cordova [RIF096322] Rape, sodomy, and abduction of 11-year-old girl in Hemet by former Marine Cordova.

People v. Garydell Johnson [RIF124331] Murder and attempted murder case occurring in Moreno Valley by a local drug dealer who ambushed the victim, a perceived rival.

People v. Hector Aburto [RIF096321] UCR student living in married-student housing repeatedly raped and molested his teen foster daughter over two year period.

Education Info
Grad School:

  • Juris Doctor , Law

  • Bachelor of Arts, History

For more information, visit: http://www.lafferty4judge2014.com/

Like Sean Lafferty for Judge on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sean-Lafferty-for-Superior-Court-Judge-2014

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    As the race for June, 2014 approaches, learn more about who you plan to vote for and why. Supporters of Sean Lafferty make their case on why he is candidate for Superior Court Judge.


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