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MENIFEE: Paramedics Get Life Saving ‘Gut Feeling’

Menifee Paramedic gets “gut feeling” and ends up saving a life. Read how veterans Chris Brown and Courtney Daily went above and beyond the call of duty and saved a 77-year-old man suffering a heart attack.

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Chris Brown Chris Brown

Many American Medial Response personnel go that extra step outside their normal job duties. Chris Brown — who is a 15 year veteran at AMR and 22 year AMR veteran Courtney Daily — did just that, saving a 77 year-old man from certain death.

It was a normal spring day for Brown and Daily when they responded to a 911 call at a man’s home, but he was reluctant to go the hospital. The man signed a release known as a ‘against medical advice’ form and the crew left the scene.

Brown attempted to call the man three hours later to check on him, but received no answer.

“I just had a gut feeling there was something wrong,” Brown said in a phone interview.

No sooner after Brown and Daily were off duty, they were headed to the man’s home.

“After my shift was over I drove back…

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