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Ready, Set, Go campaign with CalFire, and the U.S. Forest Service, reminds that just one spark is all it takes for disaster in Southern California Fire Season

Fire on the mountain, (c) Jenny Kirchner

Fire on the mountain, in Idyllwild’s 2013 Mountain Fire (c) Jenny Kirchner

Early May is reserved for Wildfire Awareness Week. Last week, Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone, together with Cal Fire and U.S. Forest Service notables gathered in Hemet to recommit their message of “Ready, Set, Go” when it comes to fire danger.  And one of the best ways to stay ready, according to CalFire? Enroll your mobile device in reverse 911. 

“People who live in Southern California are ready for fire.” Chief Shawna Lagarza, U.S. Forest Service, “Our fire season last year never stopped.” From June until August, with fires all across the state of California, Lagarza discussed the perils of drought conditions and what it means to fighting fires in California. “We had to continue beefing up our staffing throughout the entire winter. “We saw fires just after New Years in Northern California, and another one just in late April, with the Etiwanda Fire from a rare wind event. We need help from the public, spread the word, one less spark, one less wildfire. It could not be if, but it could be when.”

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Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone stated: “We are partnering with the state of California, to open a new air attack base near Hemet. That should be the most sophisticated air attack base in the state of California. The Riverside County Board of Supervisors is dedicated to safety. We all know the devastating fires from the Mountain Fire in Idyllwild in 2013, and forced the evacuation of mountain communities. Had we not had the air attack base here, I’m not sure we would have fared as well as we did.”

After 3 years of drought conditions in Southern California, “Ready, Set, Go.” Prepare your home ahead of time, make sure your property is well marked, have an evacuation plan in case of an emergency. Prepare a list of belongings, review your evacuation plan. Finally, go. Leave early. Don’t wait until you are told to evacuate, but leave quickly.” Stated CalFire Director Ken Pimlott.

In the midst of Santa Ana windstorm might not be the best time to wonder whether or not you are ready. According to CalFire, fires are an inevitability in Southern California. One less spark, one less wildfire is the most recent campaign, explaining that  95 percent of wildland fires are caused by people. Have you prepared?

Watch this CalFire Ready, Set, Go campaign, and see how well you do.

Here is an informational video from CalFire on how to create a defensible space around your home. “Ready, Set, Go” shows how to be prepared, develop a plan, and leave when told to evacuate your home in event of wildland fires.

For more information, visit: http://www.fire.ca.gov/


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