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Up Close and Personal with Reality Rally’s Jim Vaglica – with this cop, no Expedition is Impossible

Expedition Impossible's Jim Vaglica heads to Temecula's Reality Rally 2014

Expedition Impossible’s Jim Vaglica heads to Temecula’s Reality Rally 2014

Temecula Grapevine’s last but far from least Reality Rally star is Expedition Impossible’s Jim Vaglica. The races are on, stars are arriving, ready for a weekend of adventure, excitement, and three days of fun fundraising for Michelle’s Place.

Expedition Impossibles "Cop Team" -- Jim Vaglica (r)

Expedition Impossibles “Cop Team” — Jim Vaglica (r)

Vaglica was recruited by Mark Burnett  for ‘The Cops’ team on Expedition Impossible. Jim still works as a full time police  sergeant and is on call 24/7 with a regional SWAT team.

Expedition Impossible, a show of Extremes, as Jim Vaglica and fellow team member climb peak.

Expedition Impossible, a show of Extremes, as Jim Vaglica and fellow team member climb peak.

Jim’s team was busy in 2013 with missions that included the presidential inauguration in DC and the search and capture of the second marathon bomber in Watertown, Massachusetts. Jim is also a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, sponsored/competitive athlete, a published fitness writer, and he’s always seeking his next challenge. Jim has sworn to serve and protect and has spent the better part of his life helping people.

Jim Vaglica, Expedition Impossible, L.

Jim Vaglica, Expedition Impossible, L.

Jim Vaglica paused in his preparations for his third Reality Rally appearance to speak with the Temecula Grapevine, letting us know a little bit more about him, and why we should cheer him on in the many free, fun events of the weekend.

Jim Vaglica with 2013 Reality Rally team (courtesy)

Jim Vaglica with 2013 Reality Rally team (courtesy)

Q. How did you first meet Gillian, of Reality Rally?

A. After my show aired I was on Facebook and I saw a post from Gillian Larson. I commented that it looked like a fun event, and she quickly commented, “why don’t you come?” The rest is history.

Q.  What were your first thoughts when deciding to participate in Reality Rally?

A. I told Gillian I wasn’t good at fundraising, but she convinced me to try. I think I raised about $500, and I was on my way to the Rally. I had no idea that there was a “reality community” and that everyone from the different shows knew each other. We’re all reality “celebrities” but we’re also fans so I looked forward to meeting the people I’ve seen on the other shows. It was also a chance to reunite with some of the people from my own show.

Jim Vaglica of Expedition Impossible

Jim Vaglica of Expedition Impossible

Q. Your background as a police officer lend such a rich story to your Reality Show quest. Will you try out for another?

A. I’ve tried out for several other shows and I’ve come very close to being cast. I’m still trying. I enjoyed my experience so much that I started to miss the adventure about two weeks after coming home. I always said that for the pure experience of the show Expedition Impossible was the best show of them all.

Q. What does your background both on the SWAT team, and on Mark Burnett’s show, lend to the”Amazing Race” style of Reality Rally in Temecula?

A. Everyone on my team is a raging type A personality, so everything in life is a competition.

I play to win every contest I enter so I feel right at home competing in the Rally. Still, I understand that Reality Rally is all about fundraising and having fun so I try to tone myself down for the day.

Q. What’s your drink of choice? Wine? Beer? (Either way, Temecula has the best of both to offer!)

A. I’m a huge beer fan. I love trying all kinds of micro brews. I also like some red wines and I’ll be trying some over the weekend.


Jim Vaglica (r) signing autographs in the popular “meet and greet” at 2013’s Reality Rally (c) Dale Porter, KillerImage.com

Q. What are you most looking forward to in Reality Rally? seeing other reality stars?  the chance to raise funds for a worthy cause?

A. I’ve made some really goods friends from other shows that I only see at these events, so I look forward to seeing them and meeting new friends can be an adventure. The fundraising aspect hits home when we visit Michelle’s Place, and we see her family.

Q. How is your fundraising going thus far? And what to you hope to achieve through this worthy contest?

A. My fundraising is going well. I will raise at least $800 one way or another. There are so many fundraisers for various charities everywhere, but very few are as trustworthy and legitimate as Temecula’s Reality Rally.


Follow Jim Vaglica on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jim.vaglica
Follow Jim Vaglica on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JimExpedition
For more information on Jim Vaglica, visit: www.JimVaglica.com

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