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Murrieta’s Faith in Motion and Centerpoint Church introduce local adoption program, with Riverside County Child Protective Services Department


By Corie Maue

The statistic is a rough one, heartbreaking, really: at any given time the Riverside County Child Protective Services department has upwards of 5-thousand children in it’s care.

With dwindling numbers of resource families and adoptive parents available, Riverside County Children’s Services is often forced to remove a child not only from their home, but from their town as well.

“Children from Murrieta and Temecula end up being placed with a family in, say, Victorville – far from their schools and friends – because we simply do not have enough local families available to help,” said Mahoney.

Faced with that truth, Child Protective Services is busily building bridges within the community to help prospective foster and adoptive parents gain the training they need to provide care.

“We know there are folks out there that want to help, but the drive to Riverside each week for the orientation and training can be a bit daunting,”  said Riverside County Department of Public Social Services Command Post Regional Manager, Susan Mahoney.

One solution to the problem can be found in a group called Faith in Motion.

Modeled after a highly successful program in Orange County, Faith in Motion creates a bridge between the county and the faith community.  By resourcing congregations throughout the valley, Faith in Motion gains access to a large audience with a built in sense of sense of community.

“Faith in Motion brings the foster/adopt training program out of Riverside and to the congregation, allowing a large group of local parents to complete the training close to home,” said Faith in Motion liaison, Irene Capen.

Riverside County Children’s Services finds that the program is increasing positive outcomes for the children and for the resource families.

“Fostering and/or adopting a child can be very challenging,” Susan Mahoney explained.  “Families that have a strong support system benefit greatly from those additional emotional and practical resources.”

With that said, the county encourages foster and adoptive families from all walks of life.

“Of course, faith is not a prerequisite for participating in the program,”  said Mahoney.  “Commitment to our children’s future, patience, love and a sense of humor are the qualities a person or family should have.”

Temecula Valley families interested in making a huge impact on the life of an abused or neglected child are encouraged to attend the foster/adopt orientation being hosted this Saturday, March 15th, at Centerpoint Church in Murrieta.  Scheduled from 9 am – 2 pm, the orientation will provide an overview of the program and provide guidelines for participation.

“Training will begin the first Saturday in May and will run for four weeks, said Capen.  “Those not able to attend the orientation on March 15th may attend orientation in Riverside on either March 28th or April 25th and then join us in Murrieta for the classes.”

Interested parties are to contact Irene Capen to RSVP or inquire: capens1221@live.com or (951) 295-0644.

“We hope that Centerpoint is the first of many faith communities to participate in the program,” said Mahoney.  “We welcome the opportunity to partner with any congregation or person who is ready to make a difference in the life of a child.”

For more information on Faith in Motion, contact Susan Mahoney: SUMAHON@riversidedpss.org or 951-413-5471


About Ashley Ludwig

Ashley Ludwig is an Editor for Patch News, Orange County and Los Angeles. She is also an inspirational romantic suspense author.

2 comments on “Murrieta’s Faith in Motion and Centerpoint Church introduce local adoption program, with Riverside County Child Protective Services Department

  1. anne warren
    March 13, 2014

    These kids need tom be rescued from CPS before they are killed or severely hurt by them and their “worker” or accomplices-go to ” Fightcps.com” to see what they are capable of nationwide with most of the deaths and injuries occurring in Riverside and San Bernardino counties for years. Ask cops and doctors what they think of them and hope they wash their mouths out with soap afterwards. Judges are afraid to rule against them because they will suddenly become “funny grandpas” denied access to their own grandkids-see how many have died or were so badly injured they are barely alive. In SB a corrupt judge there was promoted to superior court because he cowarded out to the local CPS torturers who forced parents to sign doc that said they had received court papers 10 days before hearings, when it was more like 10 minutes, the extensive “in-depth” consultation was 1 minute long with 0 parents all crowded around 1 supposed lawyer on the CPS tab, when you went into court no matter how wrong everything was that “impartial” lawyer will tell the judge that everything is ok. When your child Is ordered to single sex intensive care group homes they will really go to a both gender,barely noticed placement where they can freely run away, climb on the roof of a 4 story building, smoke, get access to a car and probably be raped by the older kids-know too many who were. Whatever you buy them-will be stolen and they will demand that it be new and unopened so they can either return it or give it to their kids, they will make you attend classes that make sure you miss work which could get you fired so you are a welfare person and your kids won’t respect you or attend their fraudulent classes geared to interfere in your work hours-either your lose your kids or your job and if it is the job then you automatically also lose the kids. Look for VOCAL groups-(Victims of Child Abuse Laws” and join them to help have some support. Never trust a cps worker -they are low class dropouts who get little to no training and use that snow job to defend themselves as “we are so overworked” as their defense after they beat or kill your child. They take no responsibility for your missing kid and will get away with that too. This must be a fluke if this family got any real care-I know too many kids destroyed and their parents easily abused and still looking for missing damaged kids.


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