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Scotland legendary soccer Star Willie Donachie of Manchester City comes to Temecula Football Club’s 2014 Kick Off Party at Baily’s in Old Town Temecula

Willie Donachie comes to Temecula FC event

Willie Donachie comes to Temecula FC event

Temecula FC, a professional soccer club based in the US, is pleased to announce it has this week welcomed former Manchester City and Scotland legend Willie Donachie to California. Donachie, 62, an internationally recognized top class coach is visiting the club; spending time talking with coaching staff, players and fans as well as, encouraging the wider community of Southern California.

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The former Newcastle United and Manchester City coach, and former Millwall manager, will be a refreshing addition to the US soccer scene according to Brandon Jantz, supremo of fledgling Temecula FC, known locally as “The Quails.”

Temecula Football Club Quails

Temecula Football Club Quails

“I would like to thank Willie for coming over and spending time at Temecula FC. The club will certainly benefit from his wealth of knowledge and experience and the players will also benefit enormously from having a top quality coach pass on in-depth aspects of the game,” said Jantz.

Northumberland based Trident Soccer coach Ryan Jobson considers the visit presents a fantastic opportunity for both parties. “Willie has a wealth of football knowledge and is recognized as one of the most amiable figures within the game. He has made a big impression on supporters in the North East with his skills and his dedication to helping so many community-based causes.” Jobson said.

Donachie is no stranger to the West Coast having been part of the original Portland Timbers team, which played in the pioneering North American Soccer League. The league structure also included numerous world class players such as Pele, George Best, Bobby Moore, Franz Beckenbauer and Johan Cryuff.

On Temecula FC’s coach, Jobson had this to say: “Brandon Jantz is a top footballing guy and has the best interests for his team; local players as well as the wider community. Willie spending time with Temecula FC will be a very welcome experience for everyone involved.”

You can meet Willie Donachie and the entire Temecula Football Club Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at Baily’s in Old Town Front Street, where the team meets Temecula and kicks off their 2014 season with red carpet style.

For more information, visit: http://www.TemeculaFC.com 

February 11, 2014 at Baily's in Old Town Temecula

February 11, 2014 at Baily’s in Old Town Temecula

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