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Up Close and Personal with Big Brother 13’s Adam Poch – On Reality Rally, Fundraising, Bacon, and Temecula


Adam Poch of Big Brother 13 at Temecula’s Reality Rally

Adam Poch, the self proclaimed Heavy Metal Teddy Bear is larger than life, a profound bacon lover, and rocker, is ready to come back for his third time in Temecula’s Reality Rally.

“My first year, I raced in Reality Rally. Last year, I was preparing for my wedding, so I attended Reality Rally for the Q and A sessions. This year, I’m racing again, and looking forward to it.” Poch said in a telephone interview with Temecula Grapevine.

Adam Poch posing with Scouts at Reality Rally event (courtesy)

Adam Poch posing with Scouts at Reality Rally event (courtesy)

Poch is looking forward to getting back to Temecula, as a huge reality show fan, as well as one of the favored housemates from Big Brother 13. “It’s always amazing to see everyone together, from all of the different shows.” Poch said. “But we all know why we are there. For Michelle’s Place, and raising money for such a worthwhile organization.”

Adam Poch showing his heavy metal teddybear side (courtesy)

Adam Poch showing his heavy metal teddybear side (courtesy)

For many reality stars, it is difficult to separate the competition from the reason, but Poch–who lost his mother to cancer–understands that in Reality Rally, the reason behind the Amazing Race style game is all that matters. “We are reality people, and we all have highly competitive natures,” Poch said. “It’s important to remember to have fun, and raise money. That’s what it’s all about.”

When asked how his fundraising is currently going, Poch had this to say: “Things are going good! Each year, I set a high bar for myself, and this year, it’s higher than ever.” Poch plans on raising over $1500 for Michelle’s Place. “I’ve done well in years past, and I only want to go forward.” Already well on his way, Poch’s hosted Hoboken, New Jersey Trivia Night raised over $300 for Reality Rally. As of this story’s release, Poch has already surpassed his goal, raising upwards of $1800 for his entry in Reality Rally.

Adam Poch in Temecula Valley Wine Country at Reality  Rally event

Adam Poch in Temecula Valley Wine Country at Reality Rally event (courtesy)

That said, Poch has used his reality show stardom to raise funds for many charities, including “Relay for Life” and others, but he sees the benefits with what Gillian Larson, and Reality Rally have put into action, through Michelle’s Place.

“It’s a fantastic place. The contestants all visit the facility, see where the money goes, and what the charity has to offer for people who need help. (Cancer) is a somber disease, yet it’s so uplifting to see the resources that Gillian and Reality Rally are able to provide Michelle’s Place through the money we raise.”

Adam Poch from Big Brother 13 and Erik Turner of Warrant at 2013 Reality Rally

Adam Poch from Big Brother 13 and Erik Turner of Warrant at 2013 Reality Rally

A self-proclaimed foodie and bacon lover, Poch’s Facebook and twitter feeds are loaded with great things to do with bacon. Second only to his devotion toward the “perfect food” is his love of good old fashioned heavy metal.

In 2013, Poch (Heavy Metal Teddy Bear on Twitter) met up with Erik Turner, of Warrant at last year’s Reality Rally. Of the meeting, Poch stated, “Two rockers united!” Poch said, of the well attended Reality Rally meet and greet at South Coast Winery. “We got to talk about metal, and the 80s and 90s, it was fantastic. He’s a huge foodie, too, which was great.”

As for his feelings on coming back to Temecula, Poch said, “I love Temecula. My fans know my drink of choice is an apple-tini, however the wine country is beautiful. So much open space, Old Town, with its shops, and mom and pop restaurants with great food. It’s that great small community feel, and always a pleasure to be there.”

For more information on Adam Poch, listen in to this interview on The Edge of Reality: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ndbmedia3/2013/02/08/the-edge-of-reality

Follow him on Twitter: @HeavyMetalTeddy

Follow Adam on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KingAdPoch


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