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Up Close and Personal with Reality Rally Contestant James Wallington – Capture, CW Network, Afterbuzz.com

James Wallington with sister, Rebecca

Help James Wallington (shown here with sister, Rebecca) raise funds for Reality Rally!

James Wallington — of CW Network’s “Capture” — believes that you can do whatever you put your mind to. Whether with regard to standing up to bullies, to competing in a mental and physical reality game like “CW’s Capture,” or coming to Temecula in support of Reality Rally, 2014.

“I applied for (reality) shows left and right after I turned 18,” stated Wallington in a telephone interview with Temecula Grapevine. “From Survivor to Amazing Race, and shows in between, I was really ready to throw in the towel.”

Wallington met Gillian Larson, founder of Reality Rally, in 2010, at the Survivor’s 10-year reunion. “We started talking. (Gillian) encouraged me to keep applying (to reality shows), and to never give up.” Wallington said. 4 years and a chance job interview later, left Wallington with an offer to appear on CW’s “Capture” and nothing has been the same for Wallington since. “Gillian shared her vision for Reality Rally with me all that time ago, and I was dreaming of appearing on reality television, and now I’m headed to Temecula as one of her reality “stars.” It’s amazing how things come to fruition.”

James, recently interviewed by the Huffington Post, with regards to preventing bullying, often speaks out on the subject he strongly advocates for. “Deep down, there’s a part of me that wanted to prove to myself (on Capture) and what I’m capable of. I’m a very athletic person. I think I was stripped of that when I was bullied growing up. But I’m just me. People can make that what they want, but I don’t feel that I had anything to prove. I loved every aspect of (the Capture) experience, and I would do it all over again.”

Of the reality television show, Capture, a show he participated in, partnering with his sister, Rebecca, Wallington had this to say: “I had no idea what we were getting into. My sister and I are flip sides of a coin. We really surprised ourselves by how closely we came to rely on one another, and came closer together as a family while on the show. Unfortunately, Rebecca is finishing her degree at Michigan State, and won’t be able to join me in Temecula,” Wallington said, otherwise the two would be side by side again, in Temecula’s “Amazing Race” style fundraiser, studded with the famed reality stars Wallington has so admired for many years.

“Capture has less notoriety than some of the other reality shows out there, but family and friends, and his appearances on “After Buzz”  have lent to raise the price of entry in Reality Rally. When asked what he’s looking forward to most of all with Reality Rally, Wallington is ready to revel in the whole experience. “It’s as much about the meet and greet, as with people coming out to support an amazing cause. We’re tasked to raise funds for Michelle’s Place, paying for a woman who otherwise wouldn’t be able to, to afford a mammogram. It’s such a worthwhile cause, making a difference, all fun and games aside.”

Follow James Wallington:

Instagram: http://instagram.com/mrjameswally
Twitter: www.twitter.com/jameswallington
AfterBuzzTV: http://site.afterbuzztv.com/guests/james-wallington/


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