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San Gorgonio Girl Scouts Council speaks out on incident where door-to-door cookie selling girl scout answered with shotgun

Girl Scouts Walkabout

Girl Scouts Walkabout

On February 2, 2014, a Temecula girl scout selling cookies was answered by a man with a shotgun.

Now, Jua-Nita Houston, Director of Marketing, External Relations, & Diversity of the Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio (GSGS), responded to the many questions, fears, and worries of girl scout parents across the Southwest Riverside.

“A man in Temecula allegedly brandished a shotgun, when a Girl Scout knocked on his door selling Girl Scout cookies.  The adult with the child immediately dialed 911, in accordance with the training received by Girl Scouts, and the man was arrested by local authorities.” Stated Houston.

READ: Man allegedly pulls gun on girl scout selling cookies door-to-door in Temecula

“The child was frightened, but unharmed, and has been telling her family and friends that she wants to continue selling Girl Scout cookies.” Houston said.

The  Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio is offering the girl, her family and her troop complete support.  Any details concerning this incident should be referred toward the police, according to Houston.

“The safety of the girls is of paramount importance to Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio.  This was an isolated incident.  There is no record of anything like this ever occurring in the past 90 years, since Girl Scouts were established in the area.” Houston elaborated.

The San Gorgonio Council has established rules for door-to-door and cookie booth selling, and provides mandatory training for all adults and girls, stated Houston, saying,  “This training includes girls never selling without an adult present, unless they are senior or ambassador scouts, and the actions to take if they ever feel uncomfortable or threatened.”

GSGS Walkabouts information is available here.

Some finer points of the Walkabout information guide are:

  • Girls walking about selling cookies door-to-door are confined to daylight hours and limited to the neighborhoods where the Girl Scouts live.
  • Only older girls may walk about without adult supervision, and then they are required to use a “buddy” system when doing so.
  • Participating in walkabouts is not mandatory for cookie sales.
  • Girls may sell to friends, family and social media contacts only; and participate by selling with their troops in cookie booths, once that part of the sale commences.

The walkabout period, according to Houston, is a girls’ independent goal-setting period and comprises an important component of the overall Girl Scout cookie sale.

“Girl Scouts play vital and active roles in their communities,” said Houston, “They can be found everywhere, performing community service projects to make their neighborhoods, towns and cities better places to live. We feel strongly that they should be free to walk about, explain the mission and purpose of Girl Scouting, and sell Girl Scout cookies to support their activities.  We know that their communities, neighbors, families and friends will support them as they walk about, offer cookies for sale at cookie booths, and continue to pursue their service projects.”

SGSG invites everyone in Southwest Riverside to support their local Girl Scouts in the wake of this unfortunate incident are encouraged to buy Girl Scout cookies from the Girl Scouts in their neighborhoods, patronize the Girl Scout cookie booths in locations throughout the area, or contact Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio at 909-307-6555.


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