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Roller Derby Girls of Wine Town Rollers have debut bout at Epic Rollertainment, Temecula, Murrieta February 1, 2014

Wine Town Rollers Opening Bout at Epic Rollertainment

Wine Town Rollers Opening Bout at Epic Rollertainment

TEMECULA, CALIFORNIA – The Wine Town Rollers (WTR), Temecula Valley’s first and only roller derby league, will be hosting their first bout of their debut home team season featuring the Margarita Hot Sprints and the Winchester Rivals, on Saturday, February 1 at 7 p.m. at Epic Rollertainment. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and tickets are $7.50 and free for children 10 and under. For more information on Wine Town Rollers, Read: Wine Town Rollers Get Ready for Bouts in Temecula and Beyond The Wine Town Rollers league consists of three Home Teams – Margarita Hot Sprints, the Winchester Rivals, and the Hit Bosses. The league is in its second season for their travel team, the Whine Makers, as well as for their beginner program, known as the Raisinettes.

Wine Town Rollers Jammer in action

Wine Town Rollers Jammer in action

The February 1, 2014 bout will be hosted at the newly opened Epic Rollertainment facility which will include music, vendors, raffles, food and a half time show to accompany a full roller derby bout. Fans are encouraged to come support their local roller derby league and learn more about the sport and their favorite local skaters.   The bout isn’t the only thing to get excited about. Raffles, and a well versed, entertaining Roller Derby announcer, makes the evening fun for all.

"The Law" Maximus Moustachio - (courtesy)

“The Law” Maximus Moustachio – (courtesy)

Half time show — Marine Sandpiper — will play the bagpipes, and many other antics will go on during break in a day that will be fun for all ages to watch. Some of the best parts of Roller Derby? The tough, rough nature of play at high speeds, and the names that the players give themselves, and each other. According to ‘Smack,’ the teams themselves are pretty even in skill level. “Our three captains do drafting, once a skater has passed skating 101 and derby 101, we draft and evenly match up all teams. It makes it better for fans and egos during the bouts, we want to balance out all play.” It’s not always the same players who rise to the top, either, according to ‘Smack.’ “Our Whine Makers travel team always seems to have different people winning awards each game.”

Breaking Dawn, just one of the entertaining Roller Derby player names at Roller Derby Bouts (courtesy)

Breaking Dawn, just one of the entertaining Roller Derby player names at Roller Derby Bouts (courtesy)

Still, some unique names include “Winchester Rivals ‘Boobie Trap’ named not just because she’s well endowed, but from a baby nickname–and the first time ‘Smack’ watched her answer her cell phone. “She stowed her phone in her bra, and I asked her, ‘What else you got in there?’ There’s always a bit of help, brainstorming skater names, nick names, hobbies, and even professions. ‘Polly Phosphate’ Science teacher.” Smack Yo Mama, yo mama jokes. “You’ve got to come and pick your favorites.” Shawna Grammatico, owner of Epic Rollertainment doesn’t skate, but has remained a huge part of WTR’s growth. “Shawna just adopted us as soon as came out of woodwork opening the rink, we have built a great relationship with her since before Epic broke ground. She comes to our practices at the rink, now that we’ve held practices at rink there.” As far as the new venue for the WTR, Epic Rollertainment has worked hard with the teams to design a course that is workable for the event. “Epic is challenging. If you’ve been to a bout, this is going to prove to be more exciting, because of layout.” Roller Derby is a rough and tumble sport. Players get shoved around, as unlike any other sport, they play both offense and defense during the games. “Every legitimate league has “women’s flat track derby rule set” requires high level of safety, certain things at every practice, bout, insurance. Have full safety coordinating staff, nurses as skaters, EMTs on call.” We get a lot of grief, isn’t that a violent sport? do you ask that of the guy that plays football? UFC? Boxing? Many can’t tell employers because you get a hard time doing it.” If you have considered going to a Roller Derby Bout, but aren’t sure how to root for a roller derby team, you are not alone. “The list of rules is 65 pages long.” Stated ‘Smack Yo Mama,’ the voice of the Wine Town Rollers. “When fans arrive, they’ll get a program, with a derby 101 pictorial inside that teaches the top line how to’s of what’s going on in the rink.” According to ‘Smack,’  Roller Derby is a challenging sport, as far as learning the rules, even when you’re out on the rink. “We do basic skills testing for our Raisinettes, to be sure girls are safe on 8 wheels, part is learning the rule set. Our skaters self educate as well as teach each other during practice.” It’s either learn on your own, or learn the hard way.

"Tutto Brutto" hitting hard at Roller Derby Bout (courtesy)

“Tutto Brutto” hitting hard at Roller Derby Bout (courtesy)

“You can come not having ever known how to skate. You don’t need to know how, we’ll teach you. Some want to be on the teams, others remain Raisinettes. It’s great exercise, mentally and physically. We don’t judge.” “While we are on the track, doing derby related things, it’s like we’re sisters. If they’re down on themselves, too much in their head, we encourage. We cry when they achieve their goals. Like watching a child learning to walk the first time. A treat to watch someone achieve their goals. I love the camaraderie. It’s what i need after a hard day at work kinship. You can be any age, over age of 18–doesn’t matter how old you are. Junior league, goal, for younger set.” Come, watch, cheer, and remember. WTR is continually looking for interested skaters as well as referees both on and off skates. For additional information or details, please visit www.winetownrollers.com or facebook.com/WineTownRollers. Epic Rollertainment is on the web: www.EpicRollertainment.com  Epic Rollertainment is located: 39809 Avenida Acacias, Murrieta, CA 92563


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