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Great news for young workers – Temecula Businesses invited by City to ‘Just add One’ new employee campaign for Summer

Temecula California City Hall  (c) Crispin Courtenay

Temecula California City Hall (c) Crispin Courtenay

On February 5th at 6 p.m. The City of Temecula invites local businesses to join us for a banquet to kick off the City’s first ‘Just Add One’ campaign.

This banquet is for employers only.

“Designed to promote employment for youth and young adults in Temecula, the campaign aims to produce more than 100 jobs for an 8 week period during the summer of 2014.” Charles Walker, in charge of the event stated in recent press release. “The City of Temecula hopes to provide today’s youth with the self-confidence, career awareness, financial literacy, and interpersonal competencies needed to succeed in today’s workforce. Businesses attending the banquet are asked to pledge to take on one additional employee age 16-24 this coming summer.”

All interested parties must register to become a part of this opportunity. 

“This is a great opportunity for businesses to attract highly motivated and enthusiastic members of the community for employment. Businesses who join the ‘Just Add One’ campaign will receive recognition in Temecula’s local newspaper, along with advertisement through the City website and written recognition of their important community contribution.” Walker said.

Employers who are unable to increase employment opportunities at their business may still make a significant contribution to the community by sponsoring a ‘Just Add One’ participant. All contributions will help increase employment in the community. For more information, or to join the City of Temecula’s campaign to promote employment in the Temecula Valley should contact:  Charles Walker @Charles.walker@cityoftemecula.org

Or call: (951) 694-6468 for details on how to register.

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