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Downton Abbey Season 4 kicks off, Temecula fans gather to watch popular drama

20140106-072735.jpgDownton Abbey begins season 4

What wasn’t to fall in love with Downton Abbey? A detailed look at life of one royal British household when the world began to modernize. Then there was a risqué death involving Lady Mary Grantham, secrets, lies, love affairs and scandal. America was hooked.

20140106-073704.jpgThe Blind Kiss, Season 3, episode 1

Sunday, January 5, 2014, the fan addiction known as Downton Abbey returned for its long awaited fourth season opener in a show that has never pulled a punch. After the car crash heard round the world, Downton writers left audiences heart broken, angry, shocked, and all the while, still watching.

20140106-072817.jpgFriends gather to watch Season 4 in Temecula

“We just wanted to get together, to share watching our favorite show as a group.” Kay Rather of Temecula said.

Downton Abbey has rekindled the love of the regency era, with changing points of view from servants and the elite, through the First World War, and this season, into the era of Jazz. The sets, costumes, jewelry, and ornate furnishings lend to the flavor of the fascinating scandals that plague both classes.

20140106-073907.jpgDownton Abbey Pinterest and Instagram boards

The show has inspired weddings, parties, and Pinterest Downton Abbey collectionsfor ideas on the same.

The group of friends planned the gathering months previously, after the heart-wrenching series 3 end. (Spoiler Alerts ahead!)

“It was devastating, but this season starts six months later.”Rather said. “We’re interested to see what trouble Lady Mary will get into now that Mathew is gone. And of course, we love the witty one liners of the Dowager. And watching is always more fun with friends.”

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