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Actor Activist Gary Sinise, Reality Rally and stars shine at Colors of Courage Race at Big Horse Feed and Farm Supply in Temecula

Gary Sinise and CPL Juan Dominguez arrived via helicopter to the Colors of Courage Run in Temecula Valley (c) Crispin Courtenay

Gary Sinise and CPL Juan Dominguez arrived via helicopter to the Colors of Courage Run in Temecula Valley (c) Crispin Courtenay

The colors of courage ran orange, pink, blue, and green today as hundreds gathered at Big Horse Feed and Farm Supply in Temecula Valley to support the Gary Sinise Foundation’s local efforts for wounded veterans.

Helicopter, autographed by Lt. Dan himself, actor, activist, and honorary marine, Gary Sinise (c) Crispin Courtenay

“These are people who serve and protect our nation. They sacrifice each and every day.” Actor, activist, and as of September, 2013, honorary marine Gary Sinise said. “We’re just raising awareness on the challenges our active duty military face each day.”

Warriors of Honor motorcycle brigade was on hand to honor Gary Sinise Foundation’s efforts for severely wounded warriors (c) Crispin Courtenay

Sinise has already worked his way into the homes and hearts of Temecula, and will be returning in early November for another Lt. Dan Band concert in support of building smart homes, and aiding wounded veterans who continue to give to their country every day.

Motorcycles lining up at the stage for Colors of Courage run supporting Gary Sinise Foundation in Temecula (c) Crispin Courtenay

At the race’s end, Sinise flew in on a military helicopter, along with Juan Dominguez—the recipient of this year’s “Smart Home” for wounded warriors.

Helicopter with Gary Sinise, Juan Dominguez, coming in for landing at Colors of Courage Run in Temecula (c) Crispin Courtenay

Participants of the 5k race ran, walked, or bombarded the racers with blasts of corn-starch based colors.

Color packs that painted the day (c) Crispin Courtenay


The result was a spectacular tapestry of splattered smiles, and day-glow attitude.

Race’s start with powdered color packs, ready to douse the runners of the Colors of Courage race in Temecula (c) Crispin Courtenay

Under a sparking SoCal fall sky, the warm day and gentle breezes kept the event running smooth.

Bo Sellers of My Big Fat Revenge racing in Colors of Courage (c) Crispin Courtenay


Big Horse owner, Maureen Corona considered the day a total success, standing with her son, Chris and his buddy Cleveland Ring.

Racers mug before the starting gun (c) Crispin Courtenay

“We love this foundation, and what Gary Sinise is doing for Temecula.” Maureen said, “Next year, we’ll be kicking off the corn maze with the Colors of Courage run. It’s something we plan on doing for years to come. But this year was special.”

Runners charging for the finish line at the Colors of Courage 5k in Temecula (c) Crispin Courtenay

Designing and planning out the corn maze is a family affair, said Corona. “The family comes up with the idea, and my husband integrates the design into the maze.”

Finish line (c) Crispin Courtenay

The race itself was charged energy. Runners and supporters came from all over Temecula, Murrieta, Riverside, San Diego, and Orange County. Robin Gilmour of Orange County loved encouraging the runners who were tired. “I was at the last station, and we cheered and encouraged everyone. It was truly an uplifting day.”

Off to enjoy the end of race festivities including the corn maze, pillow jumps, corn cannons, color dunks, and more at Colors of Courage in Temecula   (c) Crispin Courtenay

According to Gary Sinise, the best way to view the maze is from up above. “I’ve never seen our logo in corn before. It was cool.” Sinise said.

Music played by American Hitmen (c) Crispin Courtenay

“Temecula is a great community. We just live to the north, and we love how supportive everyone is of the foundation. This event was put on by a great group of people, today.”

Gillian Larson of Survivor rallied her Reality Rally stars to attend Colors of Courage run in Temecula (c) Crispin Courtenay

Also in support of the event was Gillian Larson, local celebrity and organizer behind Reality Rally. Larson spoke of the event today. “Once again, Temecula showed up in amazing support of our military. We showed spirit, and freedom, and just the ability to gather like this is something we should never take for granted.”

Color Dunk at Colors of Courage in Temecula (c) Crispin Courtenay

Being from South Africa gives Larson a unique perspective on the value of freedom. “I always tell people to remember how precious it is to be free. Find something you can do to support our nation, do it big, do it local just find a way in your neighborhood to show what this great nation means to you.”

Larson has increased the size of her neighborhood to include just about every reality television star in the general vicinity of Temecula. On hand today, stars from “Amazing Race,” “Survivor,” “Love in the Wild,” and more gathered to show their support to the Gary Sinise Foundation, showing that there is strength in numbers. When asked, Aaron Chase—Chase—to his “Love in the Wild” fans, spoke of Larson’s tenacity. “Gillian asked, so we came out. I’m a veteran of the Marine Corps, from 2002-2006, and this day has been amazing.” Chase, spending the day with girlfriend Summer Mack, whom he met on “Love in the Wild,” both declared they’ll be back for the Lt. Dan Band show on November 2 at Temecula Town Square Park. “This gives severely wounded warriors such an amazing benefit. I’ll definitely be coming back, and bringing my veteran buddies.”

Marine Cpl Juan Dominguez, Gary Sinise, Alexis Dominguez at Colors of Courage Temecula

Marine Cpl Juan Dominguez, Gary Sinise, Alexis Dominguez at Colors of Courage Temecula

Of the event, and their day with Gary Sinise, veteran, Juan Dominguez, and wife Alexis consider Sinise not only a supporter, but a friend. “I’m an ambassador for the Gary Sinise Foundation now,” Dominguez said, “We get to speak on his behalf all over the country. He is a modern ‘Bob Hope’ going out to the soldiers in harm’s way. Raising money, and helping soldiers in need.” And regarding Sinise’s honorary marine status, Dominguez smiled. “He deserves it. Gary Sinise is a true patriot.”

Did you run in the colors of Courage race? Tell us about it. And don’t miss the concert on November 2, 2013 at Temecula’s Town Square Park, 7 p.m. For more information, visit:


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