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Joanne Bischof, Idyllwild Author, releases final book in The Cadence of Grace, Book 3 — My Hope Is Found

My Hope Is Found: The Cadence of Grace, Book 3 (The Cadence of Grace, #3)My Hope Is Found: The Cadence of Grace, Book 3 by Joanne Bischof

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m the sort who likes to pick up a series when it’s completed.

I’m also not the type who dissects each moment in the books — you can read those in spades, if you want.

That said, reading this one book at a time, waiting, hoping, praying for the characters — In book 1: Be Still My Soul — it was a happily ever after story. But there was unfinished business. At the end of book 2: Though My Heart is Torn — I was in a desperate hour. When I received book 3: I tore through My Hope is Found as soon as it arrived, and weeping and laughing and falling deeper in love with every page turned. Yes. Tissues handy. Sometimes, we women need a good cry. Waterbrook Multnomah understands that. It’s healing. Therapeutic. But this book goes way beyond finding love, losing love, and loving deeper than you ever felt was possible.

This is a true story of redemption. And whether or not we deserve it.

Not since Francine Rivers have I fallen so hard for a Christian book series. And I’m talking about the Mark of The Lion books, which I feel were her best. Joanne Bischof, with her subtle turn of phrase and sincere, real-to-life characters created two amazing heroes. Each worthy of Lonnie’s heart. In a love triangle woven like none I’ve ever experienced. A quadrangle, really, when you consider the interloper, Cassie. It was tough for me to find a place in my heart for a stubborn, strong willed, selfish character, but Bischof did it.

Now, as a reader, I’m grateful for the end. I’m also looking to the future, wondering if there might be some way the two left behind could find their own heart’s desire. And because of that, I’m sending this trio of books out as my Christmas Gift of Choice. Three books to touch the heart, mind, and soul.

In this day and age when our choices are displayed in public, our foibles so prominent on social media, a look back at turn of the century Appalacia shows that hope really can be found for flawed people when they have a heart for God, and can take their eyes off of themselves.

HIGHLY Recommended. This author deserves your support.

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