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Brian Regan once again shines on Pechanga Casino Stage

Many Faces of Brian Regan, official photo (c) Jeremy Hall

Many Faces of Brian Regan, official photo (c) Jeremy Hall

Southern California flocked to Pechanga Resort and Casino, Saturday night, for comedian Brian Regan’s return performance.

What makes Brian Regan the best on-tour comedian today?

Described by Jerry Seinfeld as a “Good friend and an all out goofball,” Regan recently appeared on “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” Self described, he is a comedian because he doesn’t know how to do anything else, his fans are grateful he is still on the road.

Regan isn’t often on television, save for the twenty-plus appearances on the Late Show. Often referred to as a “clean” comic—any fan can tell you; it’s not the family friendly nature that pulls you in, keeps you rapt and listening for the next joke, the next punch line, and never once checking your watch. It’s his unique take on the mundane, the ability to laugh at himself in a way you can share with your kids, your parents, without flinching at a blue word here or there. He remains timeless as Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Cosby, Bob Newhart, Shelly Berman, and other classics of the genre. And on Saturday, September 28, 2013, Brian Regan met his crowd with enthusiasm and excellent wealth of material well worth the price of admission.

Met with a sold out audience, the main theater once again shows there is not a bad seat in the house. Dressed in everything from California casual to evening wear, the audience sparkled as they waited for the popular comedian to take the stage at 8 p.m.

With the casino chiming a steady slot machine cadence, restaurants were packed with theater goers prior to the show. Kelsey’s Sports Bar and Grill was a natural place for a pre-show meal, with excellent service, and food and beverages to match.

As the lights dimmed, the crowd settled in to enjoy the opening act, but all awaited Brian Regan to take command of the stage. The third time in as many years that we’ve seen Brian on stage, his show never gets old, and remains family friendly—testament to the many young faces in the sell-out crowd.

Following the digital release of “All By Myself” available for download on his web site, this artist continues to manage his command of the English language and rhetoric allows total engagement whether listening on Pandora, CD, or watching live or on DVDs(see the HBO special, and original release of: Epitome of Hyperbole). Regan’s body language, engaging smile, and ability to make everyday observations gut splittingly funny show that he has continued to mature as a comic and person.

Courtesy photo (c) Miken Richmond

Courtesy photo (c) Miken Richmond

As far as reliability, what person doesn’t understand what it’s like to get older, to deal with the day to day aches and pains and doctors. The audience rolling with laughter as Brian describing why he’ll just have to get used to back pain. The wheel of fortune “name game” is another classic, as he describes trying to guess someone’s name at a party, or how traveling has changed over the years.

The truth is? It doesn’t matter which comedic bit Brian Regan decides to throw at his audience. How he wrangles stories from one to another, there will always be a bit the audience shouts for at his classic “Rock Concert” encore at show’s end. He charmed Temecula with an oldie but goodie, told with fervor and ridiculous mockery that endears the heart of all his fans.

The story of four brothers, tearing home in a station wagon, and poor little Brian needing to use the facilities—as if an old friend is retelling the event, and what comes after—which anyone who ever tried to throw anything out of the back of a moving station wagon can figure out. Yes, Brian left the room a better place than he found it.

Brian Regan’s 2014 concert tickets are now available: http://brianregan.com/

For more events at Pechanga, visit: http://www.pechanga.com/

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