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Tasty Desserts boost shoppers’ spirits at Promenade Temecula’s Lazy Dog Cafe

Post back to school shopping, and after Labor Day Sales are done, try dropping by your local Lazy Dog Cafe for some blood sugar boosting.

The Temecula and Rancho Cucamonga stores invite guests to drop by and enjoy their delicious desserts — whether or not you’ve brought along your furry friends.

Lazy Dog Cafe’s revamped menu features eight delectable desserts – from Butter Cake with Strawberries & Sweet Balsamic to the Kahlua & Coffee Crème Brulee. (Courtesy photo)

Lazy Dog Cafe’s revamped menu features eight delectable desserts – from Butter Cake with Strawberries & Sweet Balsamic to the Kahlua & Coffee Crème Brulee. (Courtesy photo)

In the tradition of serving bold new flavors with a small town atmosphere, Promenade Temecula’s Lazy Dog General Manager Christopher Redel, commented on the ideas behind the new spin on their desserts.

“With our generous portions, dessert might be last on your mind when you come in to dine at Lazy Dog. But with the new list of highly share-able desserts, we hope that folks will start thinking of Lazy Dog as an after-movie, coffee and dessert kind of place,” he said.

Guests can choose to start the meal off with a new lighter fare menu, featuring several flavorful dishes of under 650 calories each, such as the naked (or piled high) “naked turkey burger” or the “pan roasted barramundi.”

Then, diners can breathe easy about enjoying a treat from the sweet tooth menu, without a shred of guilt.

The new “butter cake and strawberry sweet balsamic” is a paw-sized, incredibly rich and butter-drenched cake on a platter smothered with strawberry sauce, accented by a sweet balsamic drizzle for garnish and topped with a dollop of vanilla bean ice cream.

At first bite, the cake is bright with flavors of rich, homemade goodness combined with the sassy bright red fruit of strawberry. As an added flavor, fresh mint slivers weave the trio of tastes into a unique, delightful spin on the traditional strawberry shortcake.

You could share this dessert, but after one bite, you won’t want to.

Hostess Alyssa Bush recommended the same treat, drizzled with raspberry sauce and added whipped cream for extra decadence.

Turning to the sweet/tart side of things, the “lemon blueberry jar” arrives in a miniature mason jar, as promised. A parfait of fresh lemon custard—extra tart and incredibly creamy, layered over fresh blueberry compote and topped with a rich vanilla bean whipped cream. The super sweet cream cuts the extreme tart of the custard, and paired with the graham cracker crumble, gives this an almost lemon meringue pie kick.

Never fear. The Lazy Dog staple—homemade apple cobbler may have changed its presentation in a dog dish-sized ramekin, but the taste you love has remained the same. The original, decadent apple cobbler, crusted with a crumbly sugar cookie crust and topped with the signature vanilla bean ice cream is always a treat, and highly share-able.

Remember, when ordering a new dessert or menu item, never hesitate to listen to your server’s suggestions, many of whom at Lazy Dog are true foodies at heart.

Lazy Dog currently has eleven locations throughout Southern California – with more on the way.

For more information on new dessert and menu items, as well as locations, visitwww.lazydogcafe.com.

Originally posted on SWRNN.com

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