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Up Close and Personal with Serendipity Antiques

Serendipity Antiques in Old Town Temecula, Courtesy Photo

Serendipity Antiques in Old Town Temecula, Courtesy Photo

 (Photo by Cheryl Johannes)In one of Old Town Temecula’s finest locations, in close proximity to City Hall, the Public House Restaurant, and Above and Beyond Beauty, you will find Serendipity Antiques. This quaint and quirky shop is actually a co-op business, owned by Helga and Walter Berger.

Serendipity Antiques is located at 41950 Main Street, Temecula.

Store manager Bonnie Reed took the time to speak with Temecula Grapevine and explain a little bit about what makes this little antique store unique in Temecula’s shopping district.

QThanks for the opportunity to meet with you, Bonnie! We remember chatting with you on New Year’s Eve!

A: That’s right. We celebrated First Night along with the mayor and the city of Temecula. We had people come from all over for a little quiet getaway from the hubbub in our Jasmine’s Garden and watch the fireworks from here. First Night is a great alternative to a rowdy night, with the early celebration for families. It was lots of fun for all who attended.

QAre you always open during city events?

A: We are basically a co-op with 10 people inside and five of them outside in Jasmine’s Garden. We all agree to open our doors during the nighttime events, like the Taste of Temecula Old Town and Taste of Temecula. We don’t serve food, but we do like to show off our wares.

QTell us a little about what sorts of treasures folks can find at Serendipity Antiques.

A: If you hunt long enough, you can find just about everything here. We carry country items; we like to “keep it Old Town.” If it feels that way, it’s because we are very interested in having all of our sellers’ items work well together. We’re A-Z in the USA, we like to say. We do carry beautiful cottage linens, made by Taylor Linens—which are super, duper closeout buys. Out back, Jasmine’s garden is full of garden treasures, wonderful plants or statuary. They’re not your typical garden items.

QOf everything you carry, what is your favorite or most unique item currently for sale in the store? 

A: One of my favorite pieces is an old canning table that is 9-feet long and folds up. It is really a unique table.

QI think my grandmother had one of those!

A: We get that a lot. Our main clients are antique collectors and people who want to decorate their homes in that rustic, shabby chic way. Come on out, and take a look around.

Serendipity Antiques is located at 41950 Main Street, Temecula.

To learn more, visit Serendipity Antiques online at http://antiquesatserendipity.blogspot.com

or call 951-506-4446.

Originally published on SWRNN.com

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