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Up Close and Personal: Patsy’s Country Kitchen offers good food, good service, good times

Temecula’s taste buds are in for a treat.

Karri Jones, along with husband Don and son David, has opened a new country-themed restaurant in Temecula. Bacon, eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy—and a few items that might surprise you— await hungry patrons at this quaint breakfast and lunch eatery that is now open seven days a week.

Patsy's Country Kitchen, courtesy photo

Patsy’s Country Kitchen, courtesy photo

Patsy’s Country Kitchen is earning a new crowd of regulars at their new Temecula location.  With popular locations in Banning and San Jacinto, this is third installment of Patsy’s Country Kitchen.

Each restaurant is decorated the same, with a tasty menu and palatable prices that have kept locals coming back for more.

Karri Jones took time out from seeing to details of the new storefront off Jefferson Avenue to reflect on how far they’ve come and give SWRNN a peek into where they are headed.

Q: How long have you lived in the Temecula area?

A: We currently live in Winchester, but I’ve lived in Temecula since it was known as Rancho California.

Q: Rancho California! You must have really seen things change around here.

A: I remember running out of gas at the end of Nicholas Road and waiting an hour and a half for someone to come by to give me a ride! Now, there’s a gas station right at that same intersection.

QExplain the name of your restaurants.


A: I named the restaurants after my mom. She’s been gone 14 years and she was a server when I was little. I used to watch her work, back from when I was four-years-old. She loved the business and I feel I’ve come back to my roots. There’s nothing like a mom. I wanted to honor her with a store that served good food with good service and good times.

Q: How are people enjoying your brand new Temecula shop?

A: People love it. We’re seeing ton of repeats—folks in for breakfast and back with their friends at lunch. It always makes you stop and think, “We must be doing it right,” what with all the restaurant choices people have here.

Q: Why not dinner, too?

A: I like having time with my horses. We have three, and I give 110 percent to my businesses. I like closing up early, and having my horse and animal time, too. We are open seven days, though.

QWhat do you consider your best-selling menu items?

A: You would think it would be our bacon and eggs, being a country kitchen and all! Folks have also said that we have the best menudo ever. We sell a ton. But really? It’s the Chili Verde Omelet. I have a customer from Arizona who makes his brother take him to our Hemet location every time, just for a bite of that Chili Verde Omelet.

Patsy’s Country Kitchen is located at 27470 Jefferson Ave. in Temecula.

Additional locations include 1221 N. State St. in San Jacinto and at 300 S. Highland Springs Ave. in  Banning.

To learn more, visit patsys-restaurants.com.

Originally published in SWRNN.com

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