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Temecula Valley Hospital open house Saturday, August 10


This Saturday, the Temecula Valley Hospital opens to the masses, with available tours every 15 minutes, walk throughs, with a celebratory fair, including food truck service by Mesohungrytruck, Street Foods Co., Kona Ice Temecula and more during the community event from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

As Temecula Valley Hospital sits poised for opening, on Saturday August 10, 2013, to a crowd of expected thousands, here is a recap of an earlier interview with CEO, Darlene Wetton.

Residents had a chance to ask plenty of questions about Universal Heath Services’ newest venture, the Temecula Valley Hospital on Thursday, Apr. 11 in the community of Paseo Del Sol in Temecula.

In an open forum setting, CEO Darlene Wetton greeted about 70 residents, answering questions and concerns about the hospital, staffing, and services that will be offered to all in Temecula Valley.

In her opening statements, Wetton described the look and feel of the hospital’s interior design and progressive technologies including: electronic medical records, in-room computer screens and translator devices for non-English speakers and the hearing impaired.

Wetton insisted that this private room, 140 bed and five-story acute care facility intends to focus on families and patients.

“We are striving for compassionate care. With so much technology at our fingertips, that compassion from staff to patients is what we’re really looking for,” she said.

Questions from the audience focused on the current staff in place to physicians seeking to work with the hospital.

Wetton explained: “Physicians will be affiliated with the hospital, but not employed by the Temecula Valley Hospital. All will undergo strict background and professional checks.”

But, don’t expect the opening weeks to be without some issues.

Wetton explained that while Temecula Valley Hospital is striving for coverage by all insurance companies, there are standard practices that won’t allow payment or coverage until after the first 30 discharges for certain Medicare contracts.

“We will be negotiating for each patient, but with a new hospital there are typical bumps. Hospital charges are transparent. You should always advocate for yourself, and never hesitate to ask for details on hospital charges.”

To queries raised regarding nursing hours, Wetton noted: “Temecula Valley Hospital will be instating an 8-hour work day for nurses. Studies show nursing shifts longer than 8 hours result in more reported falls and medicine errors.”

The professional staff will include strictly RNs, as well as clinical rotations for Cal State San Marcos and other nursing, pharmaceutical, and lab programs.

UC Riverside is also looking into partnerships for residencies, according to Wetton.

After several successful job fairs, the hospital is changing strategies with how new-hires are sought after.

“We will be handling more job searches through our website, taking resumes online and reviewing them for certain jobs.”

With 500 positions to fill in advance of the Fall 2013 opening, Wetton reported attendance of over 600 applicants at the February job fair, and 900 new graduates at the April job fair.

“It is almost overwhelming to sort through that many great candidates. Therefore, we will be moving toward using our online resources, better tailoring the next job fair toward specific categories of what jobs we still need to fill.”

Wetton described the services of the new hospital as filling specific needs in the valley, without overlapping services that are available at close by Inland Valley and Rancho Community Hospitals.

“While this hospital will serve the community with the ER, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, and general surgeries, it will not focus on OB or pediatrics,” Wetton said.

When one citizen asked whether children could be brought to the emergency room or had to go elsewhere, Wetton assured her that full services would be offered all who came in.

“We will be primarily surgery, here for ER needs, outpatient surgeries, tests, CT and MRI scans, and labs.”

The almost obligatory questions on hospital food arose, to which Wetton explained, amid laughter: “We have a beautiful kitchen, (so) expect exceptional menus. We’ve hired an executive chef and they are now working out the menus. They’re going to be wonderful—stop by and try us out.”

For more information, visit: http://www.temeculavalleyhospital.com


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