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Temeku Tristone Cinemas celebrates 10 year anniversary with $1 movies in Temecula

Temeku Cinemas hosts 10th Anniversary Party

Temeku Cinemas hosts 10th Anniversary Party

Yes, the Temeku Tristone Cinemas is Temecula‘s favored “Cheap Theater” — with tickets ranging from $3.50 to $6.50 for a 3D, it’s practically the only way kids can date without breaking the bank.

Tomorrow, they are giving back to the locals with a 10th anniversary party to beat the band.

“We’ve been going 10 years strong here at Temeku Cinemas, and it’s all because of each and every one of you. So we’re having a little party to celebrate.” Temeku said in their Facebook event posting. “We’ll be having some great concession specials, prizes, and $1 movies all day – so stop by and join in the fun!”

As of Wednesday, July 31, 2013 the August 1, 2013 Temeku Tristone Cinema schedule is as follows:

The Croods
PG | 1hr 32min
Adventure, Animated, Comedy, Family
Showtimes: (10:45AM) | (1:15PM)
The Great Gatsby
PG13 | 2hr 23min
Drama, Romance
Showtimes: (3:45PM) | 7:00PM | 10:15PM
Iron Man 3
PG13 | 2hr 15min
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Showtimes: (10:00AM) | (1:00PM) | (4:00PM) | 7:00PM | 10:00PM
PG | 1hr 42min
Adventure, Animated, Family
Showtimes: (10:00AM) | (12:20PM) | (2:40PM) | 5:05PM | 7:30PM
Star Trek Into Darkness
PG13 | 2hr 3min
Action, Sci-Fi
Showtimes: (10:05AM) | (1:05PM) | (4:05PM) | 7:05PM | 10:10PM
Fast & Furious 6
PG13 | 2hr 25min
Action, Crime, Thriller
Showtimes: (10:15AM) | (1:15PM) | (4:15PM) | 7:15PM | 10:15PM
PG13 | 2hr 10min
Showtimes: (10:30AM) | (1:30PM) | (4:30PM)
The Hangover Part III
R | 1hr 35min
Showtimes: 10:00PM
Now You See Me
PG13 | 1hr 56min
Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Showtimes: (10:30AM) | (1:15PM) | (4:15PM) | 7:15PM | 10:00PM
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