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Up Close and Personal with Alan McEwan, Jr. of Get Air Temecula


Get Air Foam Pit with Delayed Television feeds — allow jumpers to view their acrobatics

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Thanks to Temecula QPoner, and the now-open Get Air Temecula Free Tickets Contest — we’re rerunning the original interview with Get Air Temecula Owner, Alan McEwan, Jr.

It’s been almost a year since Alan McEwan, Jr. brought a business to the region that has folks lining up at the door.

Temecula’s indoor trampoline park Get Air follows the model and brand of its Utah mentor — Get Air Sports. Walking into the main room guests will notice two things: the fishbowl glass that shows off jumpers in the unique racetrack “open air” jumping room, and the safety video showing on widescreen television at a constant loop.

Get Air Trampoline Park is located at 26201 Ynez Rd., Ste 101 in Temecula. McEwan recently talked about the indoor trampoline frenzy that is Get Air Temecula.

QWe’ve been anxiously awaiting your arrival — how long have you been open?

A: Our facility has been open a little over two weeks. Much to our surprise, the social networking has been the largest crowd draw so far. We’ve barely had any advertising aside from facebook.

QOn a Saturday afternoon, the place is packed with jumpers. Hours of operation, birthday parties, and such—are folks doing much planning?

A: It is. Our birthday parties are really booking up fast. The packages and costs are on our website, as are liability waivers and safety information. Pretty much everything paperwork-wise can be handled online before you even get to the facility.

QYour safety page on the website is quite extensive. Have you had any safety incidents since you opened?

A: Injuries are always possible if you don’t follow the rules, same as at any sports facility where people are being active. We’ve seen some rolled and twisted ankles, even a broken bone. We do have employees monitoring the pits and jump areas, and all jumpers must adhere to the rules or they can be asked to leave. All of our trampolines are made with safety in mind. We treat this entire facility like a bubble. Everything needs to be soft and padded. We ask everyone to leave their valuables in their cars or at home. Nothing sharp or fragile in the jump areas—there are cubbies to place shoes and things, and lockers that we’ll be renting locks for soon.

QEverything might be soft and bubbly, but the dodge ball area (where kids are zinging palmed dodge balls at each other in blazes of red, yellow, blue, and green) is a tad on the rough side. Still, everyone looks like they’re having a ball.

A: Evening and late night, it gets pretty intense in there when it’s teenagers and adults jumping. We are looking into opening up a dodge ball league eventually, once there’s enough interest.

QTell us about the foam pit. People are lining up for it.

A: The foam pit is super popular. The trampoline dips down, there are no hard edges between you and the foam block filled pit. And, if you look at the back, two large screen televisions video your jumps on a time delay, so you can see your own tricks and jumps after the fact.

QWhat would you tell people who are considering coming out to play?

A: We love it here (in Temecula), already. If you want to come and jump quietly, with little ones, weekdays are best. We do have a small jump area for kids under 46 inches. And, check our hours as we are open late most days until either 10 p.m. or midnight.

Get Air Trampoline Park is located at 26201 Ynez Rd., Ste 101 in Temecula.

To learn more, visit  http://getairtrampolinepark.com/temecula or call 951-239-4AIR (4247).

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Once again, enter to win FREE TICKETS this week: 

Get Air Temecula is teaming up with Temecula Qponer to offer 1 lucky fan a family 4 pack of passes this Summer!

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