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Wine Town Rollers getting ready for bouts in Temecula and beyond

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By Ashley Ludwig, on May 16, 2013, at 12:44 am

It’s official. Temecula’s wine country themed Roller Derby teams are reaching out for players to join this unique group of women in a rough-and-tumble contact sport under the moniker of Wine Town Rollers.Ashley Ludwig/SWRNN

Racing around the track, Michelle ‘MichBehavin’ Rotell, dons the star cover as she jams for the Wine Town Rollers. (Photo by Sarah Huffman of Picture Something Productions)

Temecula’s first (and only) Roller Derby league seeks skaters of all body types to fill three new Temecula teams: The Winchester Rivals, Margarita Hot Springs and The Hit Bosses.

The league is seeking women skaters of all levels over 18, and if hard-hitting isn’t your thing, volunteers for referees and non-skating officials are also needed.


The Wine Town Rollers’ travel team, the Whine Makers, gets ready to take to the track during their first roller derby bout against the West Coast Derby Knockouts in Ventura, CA. (Photo by Sarah Huffman of Picture Something Productions)

According to a released statement, the 10-week Raisinette program assists novice skaters to learn more about roller derby and become eligible for a Wine Town Rollers team by passing their minimum skills test, which is required for every skater play, or “bout.”

Not sure what roller derby is about? Confused by the lingo?

At games, called bouts, skaters round the flat-track in packs with jammers and blockers and score points based upon how many opposing players they pass.

A two-minute jam is followed by a player exchange, much like hockey.

“It’s a highly competitive, rough sport, ” Ashley ‘Alaskan Thundra’ Tinnaro, media coordinator of Temecula’s Wine Town Rollers admits. “I have some bruises, but it’s all in fun.”

Wine Town Rollers was founded in July, 2012 and the league’s travel team, The Whine Makers, have played bouts in Ventura and Yuma, Arizona.

But, all of the traveling will soon change.

“A new skating rink being built in Murrieta will be our home rink later this fall,” Tinnaro said. “Until now, we’ve had no place for our home games and have had to travel to bouts.”

Tinnaro’s description of the team is much like a sorority — rookie beginners (or Raisinettes) start out in a 10-week initiation process, while they learn the sport and the rules.

“For rookies, it’s a great opportunity. The sisterhood is amazing, plus, it’s a great workout and takes stress of the world completely away,” said Tinnaro. “As a mom of a six-year-old daughter, it’s a fun, positive way to get out your emotions.”

The Wine Town Rollers, according to Tinnaro, strives to inspire girls and women, while promoting athleticism and giving back to the community.

One such event, scheduled June 1, 2013, will be at Temecula’s Sea Hag Tattoo, to raise money for the team.

“I love them, I hit ‘em, then hug ‘em,” said Tinnaro. “I couldn’t imagine life without roller derby now. Come and check us out.”

Currently the league practices Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 to 9 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 to 11 a.m. at the Margarita Community Park in Temecula.

For more information, visit: www.winetownrollers.com.


About Ashley Ludwig

Ashley Ludwig is an Editor for Patch News, Orange County and Los Angeles. She is also an inspirational romantic suspense author.

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